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Unlocking Academic Potential Through Personalised Tuition

Unlocking Academic Potential Through Personalised Tuition

At Academico, we believe that every student has the potential to succeed academically. Our personalised approach to tuition aims to unlock that potential by providing tailored support and a nurturing learning environment

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Assessment Process

Your child will be assessed in English, mathematics, or both, depending on your child’s needs. After the assessment, you can directly speak with the teacher to discuss the results.

Competitive Pricing

Our highly focused tutoring is offered at an affordable price per 75-minute session. You will receive a learning program designed specifically for your child’s needs.

Tailored Program

Proven Results

Our testimonials speak for themselves. With the help of our expert teachers, students have experienced significant progress in math and English, enhancing their skills and confidence.

Personalised Maths Tuition

Tailored math tutoring for students of all levels, fostering academic growth and confidence.

Individualised English Tuition

Customised English language support to enhance reading, writing, and communication skills.

Exam Preparation

Specialised guidance and practice for exams, helping students excel in SATs, 11+, and GCSE.

Academic Assessment and Planning

Comprehensive assessments to identify strengths and areas for improvement, leading to personalised learning plans.

What the parents have to say:

Dimitris has been excellent helping my son with maths. The weekly sessions backed by lots of example papers and homework have helped building his skills and confidence. I would highly recommend Dimitri!

NathanDad of our Student

My daughter has shown significant progress in English and Maths since started her tuition at Acedemico. We have received lots of support and Dimitris has been really supportive. Thank you!


Thrilled with Academico! My child's academic growth and confidence have soared since joining. Fantastic tutors and a personalised approach make all the difference. Highly recommended!

SamuelSuper Dady

Thank you, Academico! My daughter's math skills have improved significantly, and she now feels more confident in her studies. The tutors are fantastic, and the personalized approach makes all the difference. Highly recommend.

DianaHappy mommy

Thanks, Academico! My child's progress has soared since joining their tutoring program. The tutors are fantastic at personalizing lessons. Highly recommend!

GeorgeDad of Sam

Academico has been a game-changer in my child's education. The tutors are exceptional, and the personalized approach has made a significant difference. I am thrilled with the progress my child has made. Thank you, for your outstanding support!"

ChristineSuper Mom

Our Ethos

At Academico, our ethos is clear: unlocking potential. With personalised support and expert tutors, we nurture academic growth and instil confidence. We believe in building strong foundations and empowering students to achieve their goals. At Academico, we are committed to unlocking the full potential of every student.

Dimitris Academico

Dimitris Georgalis

“With a career that spans over two decades, helping students realising and achieving their potential. Passionate mathematician and educator currently leading the STEM department of one of the largest Sixth Form colleges in Leeds. After a degree in Mathematics and a Master’s degree in education, is still an active educational researcher working towards his PhD in Educational research.”

Dimitris GeorgalisMaths Teacher and Centre Manager
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Building Strong Foundations for Academic Success Through Personalised Tuition